Tipping models

How and Why to Tip Models

stripchat how to tip models
stripchat how to tip models

Although we strive to give our users an exhilarating experience through our free entertainment platform, we also offer users the option to upgrade their account at any time. Users with upgraded accounts can enjoy the adult fun to the fullest by interacting with our beautiful, naughty models. Uncover the magic by purchasing some tokens!

Tokens are available from as little as $9.99, although prices may vary based depending on the currency you use and your region. Several secure payment methods are available, including Bitcoin, PayPal or credit cards. To purchase tokens, go to the home page. The button to buy tokens is at the top of the page next to your username. To protect you information and identity, we don’t store any payment information, while making sure your billing statement is as discreet as we are.

One surefire way to get noticed by models and to receive special treatment from them, is to tip generously. You can easily show your appreciation for what a model does by tipping them. It is a universal truth that what goes around, comes around (wink, wink), and by showing models some token love, they are much more likely to react if you have any special requests.

It is very easy to tip any model. Simply click on the “Send Tip” button in the chat room and select the amount you want to top from the options, or enter a custom amount. If you like, you can also add a comment. Models are notified immediately when a user tips them.

Tipping models that are not online

While a model is not online, you can still leave an offline tip together with a personal message by clicking on the “Send Private Tip” button in the model’s chat room.

Want a chance to win some free tokens?

We like to look after our registered users by giving them the chance to win some free token. Below the chat bar in any chat room, there is an option “50 free tokens in giveaway”. If you click this, the “Participate in Giveaway” button will appear. Click on this and you could win 50 free tokens every hour!

Install Stripchat on your phone’s home screen

The Stripchat progressive web app (PWA) can be installed on the home screen of your phone. Note: This feature is only available for Android phones. To install the PWA, click on the badge found at the top of any of our website’s pages.

Once the Stripchat PWA has been installed, the site can be accessed easily by tapping the icon on the home screen. Installing the PWA allows for a smoother, faster and app-like mobile experience.

If the badge is no longer displayed on our website, the PWA can still be installed by selecting the “Add to home screen” option in the browser menu.