Stripchat Group Shows

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StripChat group show
StripChat group show

Users have long asked for the Group show feature on StripChat and lately we have seen that more models are starting to offer private group shows in their rooms.

A Group show is a Private Show that allows more than one user to watch at the same time so that they can all get a better price. You don’t have to be the only person doing a private show with a model anymore, but can share the show together with other paying members and be part of a special group that work with the model.

Group show prices are normally lower than traditional private shows are, multiple users contribute. This allows models to still reach their desired goals and more people are able to watch a specific show.

Two types of Group Shows on StripChat

There are two types of group shows available on StripChat. The first type is where the pricing is based on tokens per minute. This is the same as normal private shows but with a lower rate. The second type of Group Show is a Ticket show where a fixed price is charged per person that joins the show. The type of group show is clearly marked so you know before entering the show what you are buying.

StripChat two types of group shows
StripChat two types of group shows

Joining group shows on StripChat

  • Group shows that are in progress will be shown in the broadcast window of a model. Clicking on the join button will allow you to join the Group show.
  • When models announce group shows, it will be displayed in their broadcast window next to the Send Tip button.
    • To reserve your slot for free, click on the Group Show button.
    • Token charges will start when the show begins.

To check which models are offering Group Shows at the moment, click on this link:

Group show features on StripChat

  • Although only participants can chat, everyone can see the group chat.
  • The number of participants in a group show is not limited.
  • Users can enter or exit group shows at any time.
  • During a Group show, the model’s profile picture changes regularly to show what’s happening during the show. This allows users to get some idea of what’s going on in the group show and decide if they want to join the ongoing show.
  • Models that have announced group shows can cancel these at any time, as users only start paying once the show has started. Models may also stop a group show at any time.