Stripchat login account

Login to Stripchat.com account

  1. Visit StripChat.com website or app,
  2. Click “Log in” button,
  3. Fill form with “Username” or “Email” and “Password”,
  4. For social login use “Google” or “Twitter” button,
  5. Click “Login”

If you already have registered account on the Stripchat you can use your Username, Email and password to login into your webcam chat account directly from stripchat website. To login you need click on “Log in” button.

How to find Stripchat Login button

Stripchat Log In

After clicking on “Log in” button you be able fill your personal info like email, user name and password.

Stripchat login form

Stripchat log in form

On the form you can click on few buttons and fill some info. 1) “Sign Up Here” – Allow you register new account if you don’t have yet. 2) In the field “Your Username or Email” you need fill your username or email. 3) In the field “Your Password” you need fill your password. 4) If you click check box “Remember me” you session will be remembered for a long time. It may help you if you don’t want login each time when you vivsiting Stripchat. 5) “Login” button allow you log into Stripchat account. 6) If you forgot password you can use button Forgot password”.

How to restore StripChat password?

If you need restore access just click on the “Forgot password”.

Stripchat forgot password

Enter your username or email then pass reCAPTCHA and you receive restore instruction to your email.

How to login into free Stripchat account?

Stripchat has only one type of account. So you need use login form to be able login into account.

How to restore username?

if you don’t remember your username on Stripchat you just need login to your account and after that you be able find your user name at the header of the website.

Stripchat username login

Login and username is same things on the stripchat.

How to logout from Stripchat account?

Stripchat logout

If you need log out from Strip chat account you just need clock on your profile and then click on the button “Logout”.

How to restore Username or Email?

If you forgot your username you can find this info in your profile of Stripchat. If you forgot your email you can also find it in your profile. If you forgot your username and email we suggest you contact dierecly to Stripchat support and provide them with your personal info to be able restore your access.

StripChat Login Issue

If user or model have issue with login or password in this case can be used StripChat contact form to resolve issue with login, password and other issues!

In the contact form must be filled fields:

  • email address
  • user name
  • subject
  • who are you? (user, model, studio)
  • description
  • attachment (can be attached any file for example screenshot)
  • submit (click button to send request)